Direct attention where it
should be... to your prized hockey stick. 

(Goalie stick shown hanging with 3" Goalie Stick Hanger)

(2" Happy Stick Hanger made for your game stick.  Hang in your garage or basement!)

(Game Stick Rack)

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    Happy Stick™     
            Turn Your Stick Into a Happy Stick...

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Happy Stick Hangers - Hockey Stick Display Hangers

Happy Stick Hangers

  • Are an affordable way to display your collectible and game-used hockey & goalie sticks.
  • Are easy to install!
  • Ensure that your stick is ready to show off in a matter of minutes!
  • Are the best way to turn a normal wall in your home into your very own Sports Wall of Fame!
  • Hold your stick in place, and mount at any angle.
  • Are Hand-made in the USA




    Happy Stick Puck Racks come in various sizes to hold 3, 6, 9 or 12 pucks. All Puck Racks are made from Maple and get three coats of Polyurethane semi-gloss. The rack is designed to accomodate pucks with our without plastic cases / tube protectors.

    Check out more photos in our Photo Gallery.

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